About Tony Halchak:

Transition. This one word begins to unravel the themes behind Tony Halchak's newest album Harvest Songs. Recorded with his good friends Bret Alexander (production/guitars/bass), James Naylor (drums/percussion), and Timothy Huh (violin), Halchak started this particular record telling a story about a family struggling in America's Rust Belt before figuring out he was actually writing about himself. Halchak's recent move to Michigan after spending his life in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania provides the foundation for many of the tracks. Harvest Songs is a collection of exciting and expertly crafted Americana reminding everyone why he is one of the best current young songwriters.


"Pure Americana Gold." - Noisetrade.com

"Halchak’s modesty is endearing, but his prowess is more powerful than he lets on. His instrumentation is polished and diverse — he is capable with a guitar and mandolin. And the combination of his low-register rasp and his eloquent lyricism calls to mind the critically-acclaimed solo work of former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler" - Matt Mattei, The Weekender

"One of the most underrated artists I've worked with," Bret Alexander

"Fans of [Halchak's] previous bands might wonder why it took him so long to get behind the microphone. [His] singing voice — full, rich, smooth and alluring." -Alan K. Stout , The Weekender

"Every track is like a postcard from a different beautiful, blue-collar, semi-rural nowhere town forgotten on the furthermost fringes of a U.S. road map." - (on Collecting) Bill Thomas  570 Mine Fire 

"[Tony’s] style presents a low and striking voice...hypnotic..." -Radio Crystal Blue

"For me, [Halchak's] vocal quality and range are really quite similar to Bruce Springsteen and Jack Johnson. For fans of Bruce, you may appreciate the rasp and semi-transparent melody line that accompanies this style. -Jim Munster, PA Music Scene

"His latest effort “A Tale of Acadie” has its basis in a Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem that he has masterfully put to music." - Mike McKenna, PA Music Scene

"The quality of [A Tale of Acadie] is beautiful. I especially love [Halchak's] voice on 'Sister of Mercy'; so fragile. This is quite profound." - Singer/songwriter Ed Randazzo