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  1. Johnny Jazzman

From the albums Cities and Stars and Besides


And she said:

The night we met you played so well
I was enchanted by your amazing skill
You spelled LOVE with a sharpie on my hand
You promised you'd be my man

'Johnny Jazzman' the Voice called you
'The Pride of West Ross St.' too
but just ol' john got my kisses that night
now two years later baby somethin ain't right
you been away one too many nights

how's this for improvisation?
i'm sittin in the metro station
smokin my last cigarette
a habit you haven't found out of yet

and now i don't think you ever will
as my mind echoes the subway shrill
Johnny Jazzman perfects his art
no more broken strings
just broken hearts

The night we met you looked so good
Thick black frames, red leather boots
you spelled my name wrong in your notepad
it was late you said and your editor was mad

'Janey Journalist' the band called you
an award winning other to boot
but just plain Jane got the scoop that night
now two years later baby somethin ain't right
another phone call, another fight

now i'm already draftin tomorrow's headline
i'll show up on your porch about a quarter to five
no time for funnies, just classified regret
my lines get runny when i've been wet

you see darlin when we get this way
my mouth opens up but what can i say?
Janey Journalist why you actin so tough?
since when have words not been enough

who knew loved rubbed up against the wall would cause such friction?
we hide behind our perfect scales and proper diction
with you not in my life success is all i got
but it's not what i want, no it's not what i want
has this ever been about what i want?

the night we met it went so well...