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  1. Ol' Wilkes-Barre

From the albums Cities and Stars and Besides


Round here no one's happy til the day they die
We're all venting coal fires burning inside
And every 30 years the Susqee floods
To wash the stains of all this hometown blood

Can we look past these broken years
And reconnect ourselves to Ol' Wilkes-Barre?

We let all our porch doors wide open
We let all the neighbors children in
Runnin wild down on Market St.
Star Beverage Soda Pop would taste so sweet

Will we just all watch it fall?
Watch the greed of man consume it all?
My families buried in this dirt
they worked to hard do you know how much they'd hurt
If they knew what you thought their home was worth?

It's not too late no it never is
Stand up say we're worth more than this.