Welcome to the donation page for Tony Halchak. It's very hard for working musicians in today's climate. Did you know I make 0.006 cents every time one of my songs is streamed!? That's almost a thousand streams to buy one cup of coffee! 

Even with that minimal amount of payback from streaming companies I still give my records away for free at my shows and on my website. Hey, it's just as hard for you to make a decent buck too! I am happy that you can check out my music risk free.

Perhaps you took a free CD in the past and would like to tip for a job well done. Or maybe you'd like to make a donation so I can keep recording new music. I couldn't do it without your support and I appreciate it more than you know!

All of my music can be downloaded for free or "pay what you want" on the home page. Click the download button on each album and enjoy the music! Thanks!  I hope to see you at a show in the future!


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personal check

If you would like to mail me a personal check please send me a personal message with this form and I will respond with information on an address you can send it to!